What Is Title 24?

Here at Wonder Electric Co Inc., it is important to us to help our customers understand what Title 24 is and how it impacts them.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards – Title 24

What is Title 24? Energy efficiency standards that are in place in California will have an impact on the way that certain buildings are constructed.

California’s energy code is dictated by Title 24, and the code is updated every three years after receiving input from the public and stakeholders in the process. Many people get a say in how these codes impact them and how those codes can be tweaked when necessary to construct buildings in an efficient way.

Standards Are Updated Frequently

It is important to pay attention to the standards that are put in place in the California market every three years. The people that work on these standards begin to work on them well ahead of time. In fact, the last set of Title 24 rules just came out in 2022, but there are already some pre-rulemaking activities occurring for the 2025 set of rules that will hit the California market in three years. Thus, stakeholders of all kinds need to make sure they are paying attention to what the rules are now and how they can have an impact on them going forward.

Testing and Compliance

Having energy standards would be pointless if there was not an enforcement mechanism of some kind. Fortunately, compliance checks and tests have been in place to ensure that businesses and individuals are following the standards put in place by the State of California. For the most part, there is no reason to assume that you will have your buildings tested as an individual. However, there are a lot of businesses that will need to meet these compliance tests from time to time. This is simply done to ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules.

Keeping California Clean

These energy efficiency rules aim to ensure that California is kept as environmentally clean as possible. Without the standards, it would not be as easy to keep California cleaner for all. Therefore, it is going to be the case that Title 24 continues to get updated and revamped over and over throughout the years.

The best way to ensure your buildings comply with the code is to be sure that you don’t fall behind on the standards you need to keep for yourself. It is very important to make sure you are looking at how the standards set by the state change over the years. What is true of those standards today is not going to be true of new buildings that are constructed in the years to come. Therefore, you deserve to make sure you never run into that issue. Follow the standards, and also make sure you have your voice heard when those standards come up for renewal every three years.