Off-Grid Solar Systems

Virtually any community in the United States faces potentially dangerous brownout or blackout conditions with their respective power grids. California and Texas have been especially notable for recent power outages that affected millions of people. Brownouts and blackouts can last for days at a time and might be especially troublesome during inclement weather.

Many people are wising up to the benefits of small-scale solar power generation that could offset the power shortages and related costs of being on a regional power grid system. Many people are located in areas where the sun shines frequently, and the days are longer than nights from late spring through early fall. Those are ideal conditions for a home solar power system.

How To Pick the Best Off- Grid Home Solar Power Systems

The best off-grid solar systems will accumulate and store electricity that is produced by solar panels and make it available when all else fails. The best systems also produce plenty of power for your household and could enable you to sell some back to your local utility.

Some of the best off-grid home solar systems that are currently available include:

  • Eco LLC 2,000W and 48-volt solar system
  • WindyNation 400W solar kit
  • Eco-Worthy 200W solar panel kit
  • Renogy 100W solar kit
  • AltE 1,980W base kit #3

A typical household will use nearly 900 kilowatts of energy each month. That comes out to just under 1,300 watts used each month for an average of about 45 watts per day.

You want a solar power system that will deliver more than that if you want to live off the local power grid reliably. One that produces about 100 watts per day should deliver plenty of power for your living needs.

Convenient Rooftop Mounting for Most Kits

Most solar kits conveniently mount to the rooftop and are reasonably simple to install. Odds are, you or someone close to you could install off-grid home solar power systems to protect against rolling blackouts and local power outages. A simple set of tools and the knowledge and experience needed to use them should be enough to install your home solar power system.

You could eliminate guesswork and instill greater confidence in your home solar system when you have the electricians at Wonder Electric in Twentynine Palms, CA, take care of it for you.

All you have to do is buy your kit, schedule the installation, and wait for the work to be done. We work quickly and efficiently to help you get off the grid and stay self-reliant regarding home energy.